Dr. Elena Katanov - a gynecologist who is among the most experienced physicians in her field at Maccabi and Leumit HMOs.
Dr. Elena Katanov acquired her education in Russia and Israel and has undergone several specialties in hospitals in Israel:
Specializing in gynecology and extensive experience in Bikur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem.
Certification in diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases and colposcopy.
Work at the Rabin Medical Center (Belinson) in the field of general surgery and organ transplantation and acquired extensive knowledge and extensive experience.

In the past, Dr. Elena Katanov managed a clinic in the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped and People with Disabilities in Kfar Saba.

Dr. Elena Katanov holds regular training courses in order to keep up with the latest developments in the medical world.

Colleagues describe Dr. Elena Katanov as a first-rate expert and a sensitive and empathetic person, noting the sense of trust she conveys and her ability to accurately diagnose the problem and make decisions in a calculated manner along with professional speed.
In addition, Dr. Elena Katanov is characterized by modesty, honesty and simplicity, and is always happy to answer every patient's request with patience, respect and warmth for all the patients.
About the clinic
The gynecological clinic for women's health is managed by Dr. Elena Katanov
The clinic provides a wide range of services and provides patients with many diagnoses and treatments:
Diagnosis and treatment of all gynecological diseases, including pre-cancer treatment.
Pregnancy monitoring, including high-risk pregnancy
Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
Diagnosis and treatment of infertility
The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables all types of diagnosis, including:
Ultrasonic device

The clinic maintains high standards that contribute to the success of treatment:
Extensive experience and seniority of gynecologist
Cooperation with leading experts in Israel
Determining a quick and accurate diagnosis

Dear women, regular gynecological follow-up and the accurate implementation of its recommendations constitute strong women's health insurance and prophylaxis for many gynecological diseases.
| Dr. Elena Katanov, a gynecologist | FAX: 077-3181995