Gynecology Check Up

The clinic of Dr. Elena Katanov invites you to consult and diagnose one of the leading women's health clinics in Israel, and we will be happy to help you with any type of gynecological problem, from rapid and accurate diagnosis to treatment of all gynecological diseases and fertility treatment.

All types of diagnosis and treatment in our clinic are anonymous (discreet) while strictly adhering to the rules of professional ethics.
The gynecological consultation includes:
• initial test
• Reference to additional counseling and tests (auxiliary tests)
• Determining a diagnosis
• Recommendations for further treatment
We work in close cooperation with leading experts in Israel. Therefore, receiving additional counseling from an endocrinologist, urologist, oncologist, oncognologist, and hematologist is a routine process that characterizes our clinic.

Full diagnosis is an important part of effective treatment. We have an up-to-date and innovative equipment that, combined with years of experience by Dr. Elena Katanov, enables us to diagnose, within a short time, not only the problem itself but also its causes.
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