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One of the important questions that must be discussed with the patients concerns the issue of "protected sex".
The contraceptives must be known before starting sex life.
Prevention is, first of all, protection against unwanted pregnancy, but it protects against sexually transmitted diseases. The question of the proper use of contraception should be of interest to men as well as women, since the responsibility for unprotected sex lies equally with both partners.

It should be emphasized that the effectiveness of contraceptives depends on their proper use.
In modern medicine there are different ways of prevention:
Natural prevention - prevention based on the discovery of the days when it is possible to become pregnant and abstain from intercourse at the time.
For natural prevention belong:
• Temperature method
• Safe days method
• Testing hormone level
• Retreated intercourse

Today these methods are very rare.
Mechanical prevention - this method prevents the sperm meeting with the egg.
Mechanical prevention includes:
• A male condom
• Diaphragm
• Capillary necrosis

Hormonal prevention - Hormonal prevention includes combined and non-integrated contraceptives.
The combined contraceptives combine estrogen and progesterone in the form of:
• Pills
• Sticker
• Nuva Ring

There is a series of anti-estrogen contraindications, the main ones being:
• Breast cancer in women or first-degree relatives
• Liver diseases
• Over coagulation
Smoking in women over the age of 35.

Contraceptives that are not combined exist in the form of:
• Pills
• injections injected into the muscle once every 3 months
• Subcutaneous implantation

Installing all types of IUDs, including:
• Myrna
• Mona Lisa
• Nova TV

Non-combined contraceptives have progesterone alone.
Before taking hormonal preparations it is very important to consult your gynecologist and to undergo tests if necessary.
Intrauterine Prevention - An example of this method is an intrauterine device. A standard device (copper) or miRNA with a container containing progesterone installed into the uterus of the woman for a period of up to 5 years. This method is not allowed for women with an infection in the female system, for women with oncological problems of the uterus or cervix, and for women at all stages of pregnancy.

Chemotherapy - a method based on creating a barrier to vaginal sperm by foam or a change in cervical mucus.
Chemical means include:
• Spray, cream, candles
Surgical prevention - are performed by sterilizing the patients.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases is based on:
• Using a condom
• Avoidance of uncontrolled sex

The choice of preventive measures depends on the marital status, age, lifestyle, and high frequency of partner exchange.
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